Some background on ancient Indian wisdom.

The use of essential oils and asana (poses) to balance and unblock the body’s chakras, promotes the flow of life energy centres in the body.

It is believed that stresses manifest in the body and are the result of blocked energy flow through the chakras.

Let’s take a moment to set the scene

Imagine yourself walking into a beautifully lit room, a calming scent fills your lungs while you take your spot on your mat and take a moment to ground yourself. As you get ready to begin your practice you are given a soothing scent to massage into your neck and pulse, allowing it to work its magic on you and your practice. Take a deep breath and breathe in…

Bringing Yoga and Aromatherapy together using pure essential oils will enhance your yoga practice by combining their wonderful therapeutic properties.

The sequencing of the yoga poses and the choice of essential oils are crafted hand-in-hand with an experienced yoga teacher. Together we combine the target benefits of yoga poses with the target benefits of the essential oil or blends to enhance and deepen the practice. Through a properly guided practice, you can release your blocked energies, soothe and balance your emotions, support your confidence, and alleviate fears and other negative emotions, bringing you to a place of peace, harmony, and balance within yourself.

Let’s come back to the scene. It’s the end of your practice while you relax completely in savasana, with the scent of essential oils still lingering around you. Your thoughts are connected with your heart, while your heart is connected to you at your present moment.

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