Australian tradies are taking up yoga for mental health

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

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A growing number of Australian tradies are dropping the tools and taking time-out to focus on their "inner-selves", practising yoga and meditation to improve their mental health."I think one of the biggest barriers to entry to meditation for tradies is this idea that we need to 'harden up'," Daniel Tucker told A Current Affair.The Byron Bay tradie has worked for almost two decades in the construction industry.Fatigue and stress on the job would often lead to anxiety, and Daniel would struggle. Then he found meditation."You can do it anywhere you can find a space to sit. It could be in a smoko shed, in the car...wherever you are," he said.

Article by Reid Butler - A Current Affair Reporter

The physical demands of labour intensive work can leave tradies feeling tight sore and stressed at the end of the day. The benefits of yoga include less pain in the overall body, lengthening and strengthening the back and shoulders, increased flexibility and range of motion in the joints, less fatigue - and more relaxed, as well as better mental and emotional wellbeing.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis may also lead to less risk of workplace injuries.

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