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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Studies have shown that by engaging in a regular yoga practice it can slow down the harmful

effects of physical ageing and the impact of stress at a cellular level.

The main markers of cellular ageing in the body are DNA damage. Another process that is

harmful to the body is chronic inflammation. I suffered with this condition a while back in

my stomach.

It was a wakeup call to change my habits before this condition manifested into something

more serious. I always exercised, walked the dog, worked hard, ran my own business,

managed the household and the kids, finances were a constant worry, took care of my

partner during a vulnerable part of his life and so on. I felt sad, fearful and unhappy.

Looking back, I just got on with it, trying to stay on top of things. When my partner had

recovered, I started to feel secure but I still couldn’t calm down, I always had to be running

from one thing to the next and multitasking.

I made it my mission to heal my body and come off the medication for my stomach. I had

literally stressed myself sick, put on weight and sent my hormones crazy.

Starting with my diet, I followed my own meal plan, deep down we all know what the right

choices are. The weight fell off and my bloated belly subsided, my skin cleared and I started

to feel better. I refrain from talking about the diet too much as I’m not a dietitian.

What worked for me was to avoid eating packaged foods, cut out confectionary sugar, eat

small amounts of rice, pasta, breads and limit alcohol.

I included lots of vegetables, fresh fish and lean meat. I stared to feel less anxious and

better about myself.

I also did some research into mindfulness and discovered that Youtube had a number of

guided meditations. When starting out I found the guided meditations helpful partnered

with deep conscious breathing. This led me to discover more about practicing gratefulness

and manifesting and sending out vibrations to attract what you want and how negative

thoughts can affect your own wellbeing.

I won’t go too deeply into that now, but what I can tell you is that it changed my life. I retired

from a very successful business with the loveliest client following and went to college. I

finished my diploma of early learning and I now work with children in kindergarten part

time. The last few years have been great, fast forward to the ripe age of fifty, I finished my

Yoga Teacher Training and have been loving it.

I have taught all kinds of yoga from power yoga to chair yoga. Yoga is for everyone

regardless of age. My aim is to build a community where everyone is welcome. People are

invited to turn up fifteen minutes early before class and enjoy some herbal tea in the lounge

area before classes begins.

I invite you to subscribe to the website and receive notifications of my healing workshop in

the near future at the Private Sea Wellness Centre. You are also welcome to send a message

though the website and register your interest.

All are welcome to come and join me on the 27th October in my pay by donation

event class at 9.00am. Bookings can be made via the website!

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