Study Confirms Stress Is Making You Go Grey

Freaking out after finding your first grey? Been there, know that feeling. But before you go plucking it out you might want to check your stress levels.

According to new research, published in the journal Nature, stress triggers nerves involved in the flight-or-fight response which, in turn, causes permanent damage to the pigment in your hair follicles.

Through a series of experiments on mice, researchers established that stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to produce a hormone called noradrenaline, which gets taken up by nearby pigment-regenerating stem cells and causes them to work overtime. Translation? The colour-giving compounds are prematurely and permanently depleted. 

Once they're gone, you can't regenerate pigment anymore. The damage is permanent."

Researchers hope that the findings can also help them understand the implication of stress on other parts of the body.

YOGA AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM One of the most effective ways to exercise is the practise of Sun Salutations with a combination of deep nasal breathing combined with a series of flexion and extension yoga postures that support the body’s flexibility and strength. This combination has been found to support the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid, which both lubricates and washes the brain and central nervous system. Ageing is associated with a 50% reduction in production and flow of cerebrospinal fluid in otherwise healthy individuals.

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