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Yin yoga for sane modern living.

“Why does my body not move the way I want it to?”

Manual labor is rarely of the proper rhythm or of adequate repetition to make a person “feel good”. It is usually a haphazard mix of too much of some movements, not enough of others. This leaves us feeling sore.

Your body and mind are intimately connected, and stress can manifest itself in many ways in the body. One of our first reactions to any stressor is tightening and tensing of our muscles, especially the muscles in our back, shoulders, and neck.

As you hold a yin pose, the subtle release that takes you deeper into the pose is the tissues lengthening, hydrating, and becoming softer. A yin practice can leave you feeling as though you’ve had a massage.

During a Yin practice we tune into our inner workings, connecting to respiratory and circulatory functions, internal organs, and sensations within the muscles and joints.

Yin poses’ are held for longer, allowing you to stay present and experience the shifts that occur while holding a yin posture, time opens up. Deadlines, commitments, pressing matters, and to-do lists fade to the background, leaving tremendous space for rest and renewal.

Yin practice provides an opportunity to observe, nurture, soothe, and calm ourselves.

As you move deeper, the breath slows down significantly drawing you deeper and deeper into relaxation, mode. This is where the internal organs get a chance to catch up on their

to-do list (digest, eliminate toxins, heal, repair).

In these precious moments, we are able to see our true selves.

We rarely see who we really are because the cloud of thoughts and distractions block the view. When we create opportunities for physical stillness in a yin practice, we also create the perfect conditions for the brain to become clear.

Many of us live very active lifestyles and leave little or no time to foster the quiet, introspective side. Over time this can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Through Yin practice we can restore equilibrium and feel whole.

Yin asanas calm and balance the mind and body, reduces stress and anxiety, increases circulation, improves flexibility, releases fascia and improves joint mobility, balances the internal organs and improves the flow of energy.

Ask yourself what it is that you want today, for the next week or for your life. Try it out!

Experience the profound practice of Yin Yoga, especially those suffering from body aches and stress related illness. Other benefit include increased circulation, flexibility

and reduced anxiety.


Friday 13th March, 7.00pm - 9.00pm

A healing retreat begins with the cleansing ritual of Palo Santo, the sweet aroma provides an uplifting scent that calms the mind and raises your vibration in preparation for:

Yin Yoga sequence to balance the Chakras, guided Autumn themed meditation in letting go and sound healing. As well as a few other little surprises.

Complimentary refreshments, glass of wine and Vegan treats to finish the evening.

Everybody is welcome, bookings can be online, link is at the top.

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