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One of the gifts of yoga is the ability to notice what is happening now, in your body, in your heart and in your mind. By paying attention you make a conscious decision to either accept what is or to change it.

You are unlike anyone else, what your body can do is unique. Some things you can do are similar to what others can do. There are many postures that are easy for you and some that are more challenging. By paying attention and understanding what sensations are rising in your body, you can channel your practice into achieving your goals.

I teach a holistic approach in my classes, offering alternatives and modifications for students, adopting a functional approach to your yoga practice. By doing this you are more likely to achieve your goals while minimising the risk of injury.

Clearly knowing what your intentions are for your practice you will develop a clear path towards health and wholeness.

We are all different, with different injury histories, lifelong health goals, different stages of ageing and most importantly we have different bodies that respond differently to movement.

Not everyone can do every yoga pose - no one can. This is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be recognised.

Once you know your intention, you can start to observe where your edges are and know when it's appropriate to go further and when it's wiser to stop or back off.

How we practice, is much more important than what we practice.

Too often students force themselves into positions without thinking whether what they are doing is helping them. We need to practice mindfully, with attention and intention.

Most of all practice safely and have fun.


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