Unlock Your Inner Calm

Through an uplifting yoga practice Eleni seeks to encourage students to reset their minds and find new perspectives.  All the while feeling comfortable and safe.

Member of Yoga Alliance 

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Yoga For Team Building And Stress Relief

Corporate yoga is a great way to bring more joy and wellness to your employees. 

It has been shown to help employees deal with stress, anxiety and physical issues from sitting too long with poor posture. Yoga can release tension, improve concentration and decision making.

Yoga and mindfulness sessions have an emphasis on stress management and physical and mental wellbeing. Corporate sessions can be tailored to fit in with your busy schedules. 



- Single Class or weekly classes available.

- Workshops during team building events.

Classes may be held at the Yoga Bliss Studio, The Private Sea Wellness Centre, Mornington or at your location.

Please get in touch to find out more!